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 We have flue design experts on hand to help and guide you along the way! Before, during and after the sale of your Flue System!

Our free help and advice continues way after purchase for as long as you need it. Our job is to ensure you have all the easy fit kit to make  your system safe and simple to install.

If you are looking for any particular install component or widget , let us know! We can supply and stock it for you!


See your type of installation below:


Type 1. Fitting a stove into an existing chimney using a Register Plate and Flue Pipe


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Step by step:


1) Cut the four angle brackets to size using a hacksaw or angle grinder/disc cutter.

2) Secure the angle brackets into the four inside walls of the chimney using suitable screws/fixings. Aim to have the plate sat just above the opening height of the chimney, so that it is just out of sight but not too high.

3) Cut the plate to size using a hacksaw/disc cutter. Whether you trim some from the back edge or the front or a bit of both will determine how far the stove sits forward/back in the chimney.

4) If you are not fitting a flue liner, it is a good idea at this stage to either cut a square access hole in the plate to one side of the centre, retaining the cut out section to use as a door. Alternatively the plate can be cut in half from front to back so that the plate is in two equal halves and can be lifted out independently when cleaning access is required up the chimney.

5) Move your stove into position lining its flue outlet up with the hole in the plate above. Push the plate up the chimney further so it is out of the way, or if you have cut it in half, simply remove the two halves.

6) Put the pipe into your stove collar. Drop the plate back down and over the pipe, to rest on its brackets.

7) Use the rope gasket to press between the pipe and the hole in the plate to close the gap.


Type 2. Fitting a stove into and existing chimney and using a flexible stainless steel chimney flue liner


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Type 3. Installing a stove in a house with no existing chimney. Using the insulated twinwall flue system



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Internal system



External system


Fitting guides for our DWX system:

Download pdf Fitting Instructions here.