Here you will find all the information you need to install a woodburner in a Canal boat or boat cabin. 
See here for the current  British Standard BS 8511:2010 Code of practice for the installation of solid fuel heating and cooking appliances in small craft.
What Stoves are suitable for installation in small spaces?
Here we have a selection of small stoves which are perfect for any small space installation.
The Peanut 3 Marine
Designed for very small chimney openings and bridging the gap between standard domestic stoves and tiny home/ Boat / outdoor space/ glamping specific wood burners. With minimum clearances behind the Peanut 3 as low as 75mm, it is suitable for use in all sorts of combustible material clad buildings. The highly effective double heatshield on the rear comes as standard on the Peanut3. The boat-specific version named ‘Peanut Marine’, with incorporated cook-top, fiddle rail and it’s compact marine hearth, making it the perfect package for boat installations and much easier to comply with BS 8511:2010
The Ekol Apple Pie
Available in four modular options - 
The Apple Core, The Baked apple, The Apple Stack and the Baked apple Stack
The Small compact design with optional cooking top oven and top warming plates makes for an ideal stove choice for any boat installation.

       Twinwall Installation kits

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