The Peanut 8

The Peanut-8, a larger capacity version with the same huge viewing window as the Bignut. For those rooms which require something a bit larger or for larger fireplace openings. The Peanut-8 has variable output range from 3kW up to a maximum of 9kW with easy to operate fingertip controls. A huge viewing window for superb views of the fire. Full cast-iron inner lining plates (fire bricks), for maximum heat retention and are extremely robust.


8kW nominal (official) output – 3 to 9kW controllable output

Peanut 8 is suitable for use on a 12mm hearth

Efficiency = 77.9%

(For physical dimensions see the dimensions image)

Viewing Window size = 357mm wide by 287mm high (huge)

Firebox width = 395mm (takes very big logs)

Available in short and tall options