Bio-Ethanol Fuel Stoves

The precision laser cut stainless steel burner tray has been designed to specifically suit the Clarity Vision and Adept and Saltfire models. With this option the customer can easily and quickly switch between bio-ethanol or wood (when connected to a normal flue), or, the stove be used as a completely free-standing appliance with no chimney required if only burning the liquid fuel. Bio-ethanol is a very clean fuel only emitting a tiny amount of water vapour as a by-product. Heat output is approx. 1.5kW so ideal as a “background” heat, or maybe during spring/summer evenings for the ambience of a real flame but with less heat requirement. Alternatively, you can choose this model if you want the look and feel of a woodburner but do not want a chimney or flue system installed. When using bio-ethanol no flue is required.

Currently Available on the Ekol Clarity Vision, Ekol Adept, Saltfire ST-X5 and Saltfire ST-X Wide models